Date: Jan 2017
Client: Studio Gyor Moore
Role: CEO, owner
Image: FuckingYoung
#Curation #SlowFashion

Slowing down fast fashion consumption by stimulating non-trendy quality basics from fast fashion stores

Only The Flyest is a curated fashion site that collects the flyest items from all over the web. What started out as a Pinterest board for Gyor Moore and his friends a couple of years ago has now grown to be an independent website with homemade content and several publications. 

We noticed that amongst fast fashion brands there were always a few very non-trendy quality basiscs (sometimes even conscious collections), that could really last you for years. By curating these items we strived to stimulate everyone to be more consious of their fast fashion consumption.

The perks of Only The Flyest was the fact that everything was under €100.00. Making it accessible for everyone to buy quality basics and to look fly. 
We believe in serving a professionally curated collection of fashion and matching content for our niche target group by keeping our audience very close and interactive.

For our promotions we use pictures from bloggers and our connected brands and none of these images are owned by us in any way.

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